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Solar Energy For Your Home
Here in Reno, NV, we have 300+ days of sunshine a year. How many of those are saving you money right now? The cost of residential solar is now on par or cheaper than utility pricing. The only difference? The utilities have more than doubled their rates in the last 20 years across the country. Your solar bill - fixed for the life of your system. 
Energy Independence ✅ 
When is your last NV Energy bill? How much control do you have over the cost of your electric each month? It's time to stop renting your power and start owning it. 

Let us help you celebrate your energy independence day. 
Save on Energy Bills ✅ 
90% or more of our customers start seeing savings on day one, with $0 out of pocket up front. Transform a monthly expense into an asset that appreciates over time. 
Stop overpaying for your electricity today - there's a better way. 
Increase Home Value ✅ 
If you had the choice to buy two identical homes, and one of them had an electric bill and the other did not, which would be more appealing? 

Whether you pay cash or finance the system, solar increases home values for sellers. 
The Best in the Business
We've partnered with Sunworks (SUNW), one of the nation's leading solar installers, to bring high quality solar installations to Reno and Northern Nevada. With their 34-year history and 160+MW of experience (enough energy to power 22,000+ homes), you can rest easy knowing that you're getting the best equipment and best service from publicly-traded company.
"I'm saving $87/mo & when  I sell my house I keep my  investment"
 - Jessica R.
"Very easy setup. I love using the air-con all day in July!"
 - Kathy K.
"The team helped me choose the a great solar setup, THANKS"
 - Brian T.
What Are You Waiting For?
If the energy independence, the immediate savings, the reduction of your carbon footprint and the improvement of local grid stability weren't enough, the Federal Income Tax Credit (ITC) incentives drop by 15% at the end of 2020. The time to take action is now. 

We're here to help. 
450 Sinclair St
Reno, NV
We are proud to be Reno-owned and operated, with our homebase at the UNR Innevation Center. 
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